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About the Project


Rise Together Rabun is a public art project culminating in a temporary sculpture for, about, and by the community of Rabun County. Created with ladders loaned by the people and parts of Rabun, each ladder will represent the hopes and dreams of a part of the community. When they are all tied together with heavy-duty cable ties, the ladders will temporarily become a sculpture about the highest ideals of what it means to be a community. During the 2-week exhibition of the sculpture, visitors to the Hambidge Center will drive through an “arch made of the combined hopes and dreams of the Rabun County community” as they enter the grounds.


The artist, Charlie Brouwer has led similar projects in 12 other U.S. communities from Allentown, PA to St. Louis, MO, and Atlanta, GA – for information and a video see:


Information about the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences can be found at:


Here’s the plan:

  • 100’s of ladders borrowed from families, schools, churches, children, businesses, and organizations from across the county will be turned into a temporary sculpture on the grounds of the Hambidge Center.
  • The ladders will be like the hopes and dreams of those who lend them and the sculpture will represent a true community – one where those who hope and dream hold on to, and support each other so they can all “Rise Together”.
  • Everyone can participate – real ladders are needed – however, participation is the goal, so a ladder can be a stepstool, a tiny toy ladder, a chair used to stand on to reach higher, or creative ladders (any size) made from anything. Ladders can be plain and simple or highly decorated ... lenders may paint on or put messages on them.
  • All ladders will be registered and tagged and lenders will be recognized on the list of lenders posted on the website and on a sign at the sculpture. The owner of a ladder may even choose to have the name of the lender be someone they wish to honor, or remember.
  • It’s an opportunity for a family, church, organization, or business to communicate an interest in their community through their participation.
  • All who lend ladders will receive free admission to the Great ARTdoors Festival at Hambidge - Oct. 10, 10am-5pm.   Info about the festival at: The last ladder will be added at 3pm during the festival.
  • All ladders will be returned, but if lenders do not want their ladders back, they will be donated to Habitat for Humanity of Rabun County.
  • Borrowing ladders begins Sept. 18 – learn how to lend one (or arrange for us to pick yours up) at:
  • The sculpture will be taken down on Sat. Oct. 24. Ladders can be picked up on that day during a Community Potluck at the Hambidge Center. Arrive at noon with a dish to share, sit down for a meal with friends and neighbors, and get your ladder as you leave. Ladders will be available for pick-up until 4pm. The remaining ladders can be picked up at Hambidge: Sun. Oct. 25, 12 noon – 5pm, and Oct. 26-28, 8am-5pm – for other arrangements contact: or call: 706.746.7324
  • All ladders we picked up will be returned Oct. 25-28.


For a schedule of all events click here


Questions? – email: or call: 706.746.7324


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a public art project by Charlie Brouwer and the Community of Rabun County sponsored by the Hambidge Center of the Creative Arts and Sciences
September 18 - October 30, 2015

© 2015 Charlie Brouwer